CALL ME BY YOUR NAME: Why You Should Read the Book AND Watch the Movie




Call Me by Your Name is a compelling story about the romance that blossoms between seventeen-year-old Elio and Oliver, a graduate student from Columbia University.

When Oliver spends a few weeks in Italy during the summer of 1983, he stays at a distinguished professor’s villa. There he meets the professor’s son, Elio.

Neither Elio nor Oliver expected their world to collide so forcefully. Unexpected love and an idyllic few weeks soon follow, leaving neither of them unscathed when summer must come to an end. 


GENRES: Contemporary, Romance, LGBT

If you’ve neither heard of the book nor the movie yet… Where have you been in the last few months??? Call Me by Your Name has been on everybody’s lips, whether they’re a book or a movie lover.

After diving into both—and loving them both very fiercely—I only have praise for this story. If it can give you any indication, I watched the movie 4 TIMES IN 2 DAYS! Then I listened to the audiobook and dived into the physical copy a few days later. So now, let me tell you why this story took over my life—and compromised my finals—and why you should give in to it as well!

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Why EMERGENCY CONTACT by Mary H.K. Choi Is a Real Breath of Fresh Air


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When Penny Lee heads to college in Austin, Texas, she can’t wait to leave her boring life and her high-maintenance mother behind and start a new life.

There, she unexpectedly meets Sam, a 21-year-old who wants to be a movie director but is stuck working—and living—at a café.

Penny and Sam will get to know each other via text messages and rapidly become inseparable because life is way easier when you don’t actually have to hang out with each other.


GENRES: Young-Adult Contemporary, Romance

This book is a breath of fresh air.

I usually go to YA contemporary books during the spring and summer seasons, when the sun shining and the flowers blooming warm my cold heart enough so I can enjoy a cute and fluffy story.

This book, though. It breaks all the standards surrounding YA contemporary romances.

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