3 Books That Will Get You Into the Halloween Mood


When the leaves start turning shades of orange and yellow, my soul sings. When the cold creeps through the layers of my coat and fuzzy scarf, I feel invigorated. And when the month of October comes to an end, my inner child takes a gasping breath and watch in wonder as the houses are cloaked in black and orange and a gloomy atmosphere pervades the air. 

When it comes to my reading tastes during that perfect time of year, anything that sends chills down my spine or transports me into a world full of nightmarish creatures will curb my voracious appetite for the creepy. This month I read three strikingly different books that, surprisingly so, are all three of them perfect for the Halloween season.

Whether you like books that make your blood curdle or that bring back sweet childhood memories, you shall find one in this list that fits your tastes. Happy reading🎃!

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4 Reasons to Add THE LOCKSMITH’S DAUGHTER by Karen Brooks to Your TBR




When Mallory Bright comes back to London after a scandal has destroyed her reputation, she is unable to get back into her old life. Her father, a famous locksmith, then seeks the help of his old friend, Sir Francis Walsingham, to find employment for Mallory. 

Sir Francis, Queen Elizabeth’s spymaster and Secretary, draws Mallory into his own web of secrets and network of intelligencers. Under a false identity, Mallory must use her sharp mind and remarkable skills to unmask Catholics and traitors. 

Soon, she realizes that her espionage entails serious consequences she could never have foreseen for both the guilty and those she loves the most. When everything and everyone is at risk, Mallory will have to decide where her loyalties lie and what she is willing to do to save herself and her loved ones. 


GENRE: Historical Fiction

The Locksmith’s Daugther was a wild ride. Full of secrets and intrigue, filled with love and affection, this is a solid, brilliantly crafted historical fiction novel. 

It will punch in the gut. Make you weep buckets and shudder in horror and wish you could hold Mallory Bright in your arms at times. But you will also close the back cover with a small smile trailing on your lips. 

If you think an emotional train wreck of such is not for you, or you need further convincing to actually go on Goodreads and add this book to your To Be Read pile, keep reading. I put together a list of 4 reasons why you should pick up The Locksmith’s Daughter when in search of your next historical fiction read. 

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4 Reasons to Devour THE DARKLING BRIDE by Laura Anderson on a Rainy Day

34019139.jpg  SYNOPSIS

When Aidan Gallagher wants to sell Deeprath Castle, which has been home to the Gallagher family for more than seven-hundred years, Carragh Ryan is hired to take inventory of its vast library. Bookworm and scholar, she cannot wait to put her nose in the castle’s book collection and thread the same hallways as Evan Chase, a famous author who, more than a century prior, came to Ireland to write a new book and ended up marrying the infamous Jenny Gallagher instead. 

What sounded like a very exciting job for Carragh will turn into a much more complicating task after she gets stuck in the middle of some Gallagher family drama and a criminal investigation for the murder of Aidan’s parents, which happened more than 20 years ago.  

To complicate things further, odd incidents start happening, remembering Carragh that in the castle are believed to roam ghosts, including the wrathful Darkling Bride.


GENRES: Mystery, Historical Fiction, Gothic

Oh, rainy days. How I love them! 

They’re perfect for curling up on the couch with a thick, gripping novel and a fuming cup of black tea. Who could chasten you for staying indoors all day, engrossed in a fascinating story when it’s pouring down in torrents out the window? 

The faint sound of the leaves dripping, the patchy fog covering the ground and the fragrant breeze of stormy days create a dreamy atmosphere that I think is ideal for spine-chilling mystery novels. 

I recently came across The Darkling Bride, which I believe is perfect for your next cozy rainy day spent making your way through a book. Here are 4 reasons why!

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