The Girl Behind the Blog

Hello you, who stumbled upon my little corner on the internet.

Thanks for reading my attempts at book reviews. And thanks for being interested in reading a stranger’s bio, a.k.a. mine. You’re the nicest. 

Since you’re showing interest in getting to know me, I drew up a list of 10 random facts about myself. 

Here it goes.


  • My name’s Meghan and nobody ever spells my name right unless I spell it out loud. 


  • I’m a French Canadian from Québec (that’s why nobody in this province knows how to spell my name).


  • I’m a serious coffee addict, and I won’t ever put myself through rehab! Drinking a coconut or almond milk latte always makes me very happy.


  • I’m a 5w4 on the Enneagram and a member of the Architect personality type (NERIS Type Explorer Test). Those are by far the most accurate descriptions of my personality I’ve ever had the chance to read. And if you hadn’t figured it out already… I love personality tests!


  • I strongly prefer reading books in English and though I force myself to read one book in French once in a while (gotta keep up with that crazy grammar) I never really enjoy them.


  • I’m a proud Ravenclaw and my second house is Slytherin (I haven’t yet crossed over to the dark side and I intend to keep it that way—who wants to trade the smart kids’ club for the mean kids’ club?).


  • I’m obsessed with very random and specific things, including Vlad the Impaler (and everything Dracula related); the Phantom of the Opera; ghosts; witches; the moon; cats (especially mine, her name’s Opale); real-life castles; Sam Heughan (and Jamie Fraser); Timothée Chalamet; everything autumn; Scotland; Romania; New England and the Pacific Northwest. I’m probably forgetting some but hey, there’s a lot. 


  • For an unknown and somewhat curious reason, I have a soft spot for messed-up guys in books (only in books, plz don’t worry about my real-life relationships). Draco Malfoy, Adrian Ivashkov, Noah Shaw, and Matthew Clairmont are my faves. 


  • I seriously think that if you somehow mix a mystery plot with paranormal elements and a historical setting, it’s gonna end up as the best book ever (yes, The Diviners by Libba Bray has a special place in my heart. If you haven’t read this book yet, what the heck are you waiting for?).


  • I rarely watch movies because you can’t put me in front of a screen for 2 hours and hope to entertain me. Although I can make an exception for the movie Call Me by Your Name. Anytime. My soul thrives whenever I watch it.


That being said, I hope you will find my bookish posts most entertaining and helpful. I shall put my heart in each and every review I will write. 


P.S. I’m a mood reader and a seasonal reader. Whether I love a book or not often depends on my mood, and thus I tend to rate the books I read based on enjoyment alone. Since this blog is for discussing some books I read and not necessarily for convincing you or dissuading you to read them, I don’t think my arbitrary ratings are of much interest to you. If you are curious about those ratings, though, feel free to check out my Goodreads.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to review books or promote them. Every single review on this blog reflects my own personal opinion.