What Happened in 2018

What a crazy year 2018 has been!

Lots of things have changed in my personal life throughout the year—which I won’t discuss here because let’s be real you’ll spend half of 2019 reading this post if I even start—and my reading life greatly suffered from those drastic changes.

Life has been insanely hectic in the last few months, and I haven’t really had time to read, hence my lack of consistency on this platform…and here I am talking as if consistency was ever a thing on my blog!😂

But I’m always trying my hardest to keep my head afloat and make time for reading and consequently, for blogging, and that means something…right?

Although I don’t even remember when was the last time I finished a book (no kidding), I am NOT quitting the blogosphere! In 2019, I intend to set aside a half-hour for reading every single day to ensure that I get sh*t read and that I, therefore, have some books to talk about on here. Let’s just hope life gives me some sort of break so I can manage a half-hour of reading a day!

But let’s not speak with more bitterness than necessary here and let’s reminisce about my bookish highlights of 2018 instead. Because yes, there were some!!!

Launching Meghan’s Bookish Corner

Well, that has to be the best! Because even though I am no good at that consistency thing and that I often find myself panicking because it’s been three weeks since I last posted and I don’t have any idea what the topic of my next post should be, I managed to post at least once every month since I started.🎉 Sure, that’s nothing compared to what other bloggers do, but I’m just happy I’ve been keeping this blog going for about 8 months now.

I have to thank a good friend of mine (hi Theo👋🏻) for convincing me to start blogging about books because even though I sometimes see it as one more source of stress in my life, it has served me well in two ways.

  • First and most important thing: I was introduced to amazing bookish blogs and to the nice people behind those blogs. It’s always a great pleasure to read what passionate bloggers create and it inspires me to set time aside for my own blog.

  • Second: It has stimulated my creativity, and because it feels so satisfying to have the freedom to express my thoughts and to be fully in charge of such a project, I feel motivated to keep going and to improve my writing.

Devouring New Favorite Books

Since the first half of the year was pretty good in terms of reading, I stumbled across a few 5-star reads that made it to my list of all-time favorites! Four of those were YA high/urban fantasy, and two of those were adult fiction.

My favorite YA of the year are:

  • The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell. What a wild ride this book was! I loved all the characters (especially Harte) and everything about the New York setting and the time traveling aspect was just perfect. This book is a solid urban fantasy read and if you want to know more of my thoughts on it, feel free to check out my rave!
  • Caraval & Legendary both by Stephanie Garber. Imagine two books in which the following elements are thrown together: a magical yet dangerous game where deception, lies, passion, and love becomes entangled, two annoying yet lovable main characters, and two sexy and enigmatic love interests. Doesn’t it sound incredible?
  • Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody. While her first book didn’t enchant me at all, her second book was A-MA-ZING. I love a dark fantasy story full of lies, deception, untrustworthy characters and some angst. Plus, this twisted Vegas-inspired setting was so appropriate!
  • The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. I know this one is kind of a hit or miss (probably due to the crazy hype surrounding it), but I’m all for this book. Again, this book is all about deception, lies and morally ambiguous characters (have you noticed a recurring theme here?). I absolutely LOVED the ending, and I just can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel!

Now moving on to the Adult fiction books:

  • The Darkling Bride by Laura Anderson. I wrote a blog post stating 4 good reasons to read this book on a rainy day (my favorite kind of days) because The Darkling Bride is the perfect gothic mystery full of secrets, romance, and unsettling scenes.
  • Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman. This book (along with its movie adaptation) is probably my ultimate favorite of 2018. I fell in love with the main character, Elio, and was blown away by the author’s writing and his ability to transport us in Elio’s shoes and to make us feel Elio’s deepest and most personal feelings. I also wrote a post about my unending love for the book and the movie, so you’re welcome to check it out if you wish.🙃

Finding Peace in Rereading Old Favorites

I feel like closing and opening up new chapters in my life this year has made me want to reach for old and comforting reads. I am glad I indulged and picked up the books I really felt like reading at that time instead of forcing myself to pick up a new release I felt I should be getting to. Letting go of that unnecessary (and totally stupid) pressure I put on myself has been good.

I reread the All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness from beginning to end this year, and I’m now in the middle of The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Those all-time favorites of mine are very long and very dense, and rereading them slowly has been a real pleasure because I took the time to enjoy the authors’ writings and to fully immerse myself in those stories.

I’m not yet sure what 2019 will bring, in my personal life and in my reading life, but what I hope is to find some quality time to enjoy good books and to be more present on this platform. Thank you for sticking around and I wish you all a good holiday season! 🎄

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