What Happened in 2018

What a crazy year 2018 has been!

Lots of things have changed in my personal life throughout the year—which I won’t discuss here because let’s be real you’ll spend half of 2019 reading this post if I even start—and my reading life greatly suffered from those drastic changes.

Life has been insanely hectic in the last few months, and I haven’t really had time to read, hence my lack of consistency on this platform…and here I am talking as if consistency was ever a thing on my blog!😂

But I’m always trying my hardest to keep my head afloat and make time for reading and consequently, for blogging, and that means something…right?

Although I don’t even remember when was the last time I finished a book (no kidding), I am NOT quitting the blogosphere! In 2019, I intend to set aside a half-hour for reading every single day to ensure that I get sh*t read and that I, therefore, have some books to talk about on here. Let’s just hope life gives me some sort of break so I can manage a half-hour of reading a day!

But let’s not speak with more bitterness than necessary here and let’s reminisce about my bookish highlights of 2018 instead. Because yes, there were some!!!

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