3 Books That Will Get You Into the Halloween Mood


When the leaves start turning shades of orange and yellow, my soul sings. When the cold creeps through the layers of my coat and fuzzy scarf, I feel invigorated. And when the month of October comes to an end, my inner child takes a gasping breath and watch in wonder as the houses are cloaked in black and orange and a gloomy atmosphere pervades the air. 

When it comes to my reading tastes during that perfect time of year, anything that sends chills down my spine or transports me into a world full of nightmarish creatures will curb my voracious appetite for the creepy. This month I read three strikingly different books that, surprisingly so, are all three of them perfect for the Halloween season.

Whether you like books that make your blood curdle or that bring back sweet childhood memories, you shall find one in this list that fits your tastes. Happy reading🎃!

1. CITY OF GHOSTS by Victoria Schwab


Genres: Paranormal, Middle Grade

Who is this book for? Bookworms who can’t do spooky but still wish to warm up their Halloween spirit.

Synopsis: When Cassidy’s parents decide they want to spend the summer break in Edinburgh so they can film a ghost hunting TV show, Cassidy isn’t too happy about it (nor Jacob, her ghost best friend). For someone who can see ghosts, roaming around an old city where a lot are found lurking in the shadows doesn’t sound like a relaxing time. Especially when there’s a ghost as sinister as the Red Raven luring children into her web…

Why is this book perfect for Halloween? 

  • Ghosts!👻 That’s a pretty obvious one. 
  • Cassidy and Jacob give off such a cute friendly vibe that will remind you of all those Halloween nights you spent trick or treating with your friends as a child. 
  • Schwab describes Edinburgh as the most charming yet sinister place and this whole book exudes an eerie vibe that is perfect for this season. 


2. GIRL AT THE GRAVE by Teri Bailey Black


Genres: Mystery, Historical Fiction

Who is this book for? Bookworms who like a good atmospheric read featuring suspicious characters. 

Synopsis: When murders start occurring in Valentine’s small hometown in Connecticut, everyone points their finger at her. After all, her mother did murder a man 11 years ago and hung at the gallows for her crime. But Valentine is innocent and the only way to clear her name is to find the real killer. In order to do that, she will side with her only ally, the son of the man her mother killed all those years ago. Down the line, Valentine will uncover truths she wasn’t ready to learn and that could jeopardize everything from her bright future to her closest of relationships. 

Why is this book perfect for Halloween?

  • The small New England town atmosphere adds an extra layer of creepy to the story. 
  • The mystery will keep you guessing and turning the pages. That’s perfect for a cozy Halloween night if you decide to ditch the party this year!


3. NOT EVEN BONES by Rebecca Schaeffer


Genre: Fantasy 

Who is this book for? Bookworms who are fascinated by villains and don’t mind a good gory scene. 

Synopsis: Nita’s mother makes her living killing supernatural beings and selling their body parts on the internet. As for Nita, she only dissects the bodies after her mother has brought them home, which doesn’t really make her a part of that business. But there comes a day when her mother brings back a live specimen and asks Nita to dissect him alive, putting her in an impossible position. To torture or not to torture? Since that’s a line she can’t bring herself to cross, Nita decides to let him escape. But that decision will cost her everything because she’s the one who will end up sold on the black market, where there is absolutely no place for morals if one wishes to survive. 

Why is this book perfect for Halloween? 

  • The supernatural beings. They exude a charming Halloween-y vibe that will make you reminisce about all those crazy Halloween costumes you rocked over the years!
  • If you enjoy gory horror movies, let me tell you that this book is your next favorite. Not Even Bones is violent, graphic and very disturbing at times. It would make for the perfect horror movie!
  • Following a morally questionable character with sociopathic tendencies when thrown into the most impossible situation is… pretty thrilling, to say the least!

I hope you will have the most exciting Halloween, whether you decide to party all night or to stay in for a cozy reading session! As for me, I’m leaning toward the latter because there’s really nothing better than losing myself in a chilling book for a few hours at night! Happy Halloween🎃!

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