3 Books That Will Get You Into the Halloween Mood


When the leaves start turning shades of orange and yellow, my soul sings. When the cold creeps through the layers of my coat and fuzzy scarf, I feel invigorated. And when the month of October comes to an end, my inner child takes a gasping breath and watch in wonder as the houses are cloaked in black and orange and a gloomy atmosphere pervades the air. 

When it comes to my reading tastes during that perfect time of year, anything that sends chills down my spine or transports me into a world full of nightmarish creatures will curb my voracious appetite for the creepy. This month I read three strikingly different books that, surprisingly so, are all three of them perfect for the Halloween season.

Whether you like books that make your blood curdle or that bring back sweet childhood memories, you shall find one in this list that fits your tastes. Happy reading🎃!

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